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Police Urge Businesses To Increase Their Security Presence

A recent study by The Institute of Transportation Studies at the University of Utah found that a majority of businesses believe that investing in video surveillance systems would decrease their rate of crime against that business. A majority of these businesses, however, did not take into account that the majority of reported crimes were actually spousal rape. This finding was astounding because it shows how often people misconstrue what the perception of a security system or equipment may be.

Most people would assume that if they hear about crime, they would automatically assume that it is property crime. The truth is that most cases of reported crime are actually spousal rape. This is because most victims who do report it, usually do not want their husbands to be caught. They usually have either not told their husbands what has happened or they think that they would not mention it if they did. Only a small percentage of cases actually involve stealing or burglary. This is because a thief does not have to leave their vehicle and enter a business to commit their crime.

If a security guard thinks that a person looks suspicious, they will check for signs of a concealed weapon. This includes taking hidden cameras, hiding keys under stuffed animals, and other tricks that are meant to make a person raise the alarm. Most of the time, though, these techniques do not work because people feel safer because they have video surveillance. If the cameras are installed properly and are used correctly, a security guard will be alerted to any situation that requires additional security.

A burglar wants to get away with as much money as possible, so it would be very difficult for them to rob a business that has security cameras. This means that criminals would rather skip over businesses that have security systems because they would be too scared to risk getting caught in the act. Therefore, businesses would be better off by requesting help from the community when it comes to crime prevention.

The public relations strategy worked because the burglar now knows that there are cameras in place, and that they will likely be caught on tape. In turn, the burglar now knows that they will probably get arrested since the police now view them as a high priority. Most criminals would rather go after a security guard instead of a convenience store or bank because the officer has so much more training than a random person.

This is why the security guard is one of the most important people in the community. Without the officer, many neighborhoods would be more dangerous because of the activities of criminals. Community goodwill is important, but it is not always enough to stop criminals from targeting a neighborhood. The presence of a professional security officer sends a clear message that the police are serious about stopping crime in the area.

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